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Afrikaans culture and traditions

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The Afrikaans culture in South Africa is an extremely diverse one, with plenty of influences (cultural, religious and culinary) from all over the world. This culture is unique to South Africa, and is the result of centuries of settlers streaming into the country and setting up their homes and farms here, alongside the indigenous tribes.

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Afrikaners (Afrikaans: [afriˈkɑːnərs]) are an ethnic group in Southern Africa descended from predominantly Dutch settlers first arriving at the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th and 18th centuries. They traditionally dominated South Africas politics and commercial agricultural sector prior to 1994. Afrikaans, South Africas third most widely spoken home language, evolved as the mother tongue

The Incredibly Diverse Traditions and Cultures of Africa

afrikaans culture and traditions
In 2006, a census determined that just over 5 million South Africans speak Afrikaans as their home language. Afrikaans is also spoken in the Republic of Namibia, and by South Africans living and working in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Language, Culture and Beliefs. Religion: The Afrikaners Religious Experience | Learn Afrikaans: Discover South African …

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T T o go to the very heart of the first written scripts in Afrikaans, one should visit the Bo-Kaap where the Muslim community worshipped in Arabic-Afrikaans long before the Bible was translated into Afrikaans. At the Bo-Kaap Museum you’ll get a view of the history and culture of this community and the Islam influence on Afrikaans and Afrikaans culture.

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afrikaans culture and traditions
Learn Afrikaans: Discover South African Culture & Traditions. Want to learn and speak Afrikaans?Fact: One of the BEST ways toStart speaking Afrikaans is

Afrikaner Identity: Culture, Tradition and Gender

afrikaans culture and traditions
Culture, Tradition and Gender Elsie Cloete AFRIKANERS HAD ALWAYS been fairly certain of what they were. Nowadays, they are no longer so sure. From therise of Afrikaner Nationalism in the first few decades of this century until well into the seventies, the basic criteria for being an Afrikaner were that one had to be white and Afrikaans-speaking

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Traditions of Africa. As you have read in the above paragraphs, African culture is mixed with the innumerable tribes and ethnic groups. The influence of European and Arab cultures, has also provided a taste of uniqueness to the culture of Africa. Family is the most important part of every culture here.

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African Tradition is expressed through many different art forms, such as music, dance, art, sculpture and beadwork. These traditions are deeply ingrained into the whole African culture.. Many African languages are “tone languages,” meaning that pitch level determines meaning.. Oral Tradition